Maine Helicopters, Inc., has a fleet of 7 Bell helicopters and a team that is always ready to assist our customers’ needs.


Are you faced with a project that cannot be accomplished by manpower, horsepower, trains, planes, or automobiles? We have boots on the ground, blades in the air and can accomplish amazing tasks.

We are Maine Helicopters, Inc., established in 1960, which means Maine Helicopters has offered uninterrupted service to its customers in Maine and elsewhere for 55 years! Our base of operations is in Whitefield, Maine where we have office space, hangar and storage space of approximately 15,000 square feet and a private FAA designated heliport (ME59) less than 10 miles from the Augusta State Airport.

Maine Helicopters, Inc. operates and maintains its equipment to the highest standards established by the Federal Aviation Administration. Maine Helicopters pilots’ average flight experience is 9800 total flight hours with an average of 6900 hours in helicopters.

Maine Helicopters, Inc. is approved and certified by the FAA to operate helicopters under 14 CFR Part 91 (Utilities Patrols/Aerial Photography/Surveys), 14 CFR Part 133 (External Load Operations) Part 135 (On Demand Charter) and Part 137 (Aerial Application).

Maine Helicopters, Inc. includes our large fleet, past experiences, seasoned pilots, mechanics and creative ground crew – therefore Maine Helicopters, Inc. is your best choice to fulfill your requirements for aerial services in New England.

History of Maine Helicopters, Inc.

History of Maine Helicopters, Inc. Maine Helicopters, Inc. has been providing best in class helicopter service in Maine and the surrounding area since 1960.

Maine Helicopters, Inc. has a large presence in agricultural spraying, providing advanced crop protection, primarily for blueberry growers of Maine. The rotorcraft provides a very specific application to keep crops safe from diseases such as blight, and additionally has less overspray than ground equipment. As time progressed Maine Helicopters, Inc. added forest protections as well, again providing specific applications to protect Maine's timberlands.

Maine Helicopters, Inc. began more survey and patrol for power and utility companies, along with the Portland Pipeline project. The versatility of the helicopter is unmatched in this area. Maine helicopters, Inc. was very quickly the largest helicopter company within the borders of the State of Maine.

Maine Helicopters, Inc. expanded crop protection north into the potato fields of Aroostook County, and at one time tree farms in Texas. Maine Helicopters, Inc. also serves the construction and lift industry. Maine Helicopters, Inc. and it's team have worked tirelessly to assist with the 3g to 4g data conversion on mountain tops all over Maine and Vermont. Maine Helicopters, Inc. assisted Maine's largest power and utility company with its reliability expansion and was pivotal in providing lift services for Maine's wind farms.

Maine Helicopters, Inc. works from a self contained facility in Whitefield, Maine. Central Maine is the perfect location for Maine Helicopters, Inc. allowing us to provide seamless coverage of the entire state of Maine and beyond.

About Maine Helicopters, Inc.

Maine Helicopters, Inc. was originally based at the Augusta airport. In the 1990's Maine Helicopters, Inc.'s founder and President, Andrew Berry, constructed a new hanger and moved his company to a self contained facility in Whitefield, Maine where Maine Helicopters, Inc. remains to this day. In the early 2000's Maine Helicopters, Inc. was purchased by Greg Farris, a local attorney and entrepreneur, who had some experience in aviation. At the time he owned a Cessna Citation S2 Jet. After learning how to manage all aspects of the aircraft, including charters, Maine Helicopters, Inc. seemed like a good fit for a side venture. Greg decided to take the leap. Maine Helicopters, Inc. added Jim McCully to its staff based on his long history and mechanical experience in the helicopter industry. Jim currently serves as the General Manager and manages all day to day operations.